Posted by: Around the World | July 9, 2007

Photos of Bedfordshire

Ivel Tractor
Photo by John Parnell, all rights reserved.

Photos of Bedfordshire is a collection by John Parnell.



  1. I don’t know much about this kind of equipment but doesn’t it have an engine that makes it go???If not, it will be a long walk for those young men!

  2. You’d have to ask John at his site to be sure.

    It will have an engine as it carries a registration plate. It is probably being pushed in the above photo for one of two reasons.

    The engine might not work anymore as this is just a showpiece.

    Alternatively it may be that it is simply not taxed nor insured to be driven on public roads so needs to be transported to private ground before being put through its paces.

  3. Thanks for the stop by but sorry to hear you bought it at ASDA, you’ve missed out on all the fun. I was there to just see the line, I’m not intending to buy the book anytime soon.
    This is a great photo. Makes me think it could be oil painted as one of those monumental triumphant scenes of the late 18th C…

  4. not sure if my last comments here picked up?
    anyhow, great picture.

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